What is Quibl.com
Quibl.com is an open debate platform to discuss any controversial topic. It is designed to allow people to be heard on issues they care about. It also naturally shows the best of what both sides have to say, therefore providing a very unique perspective of these issues and helping people to choose a side. Quibl.com strives to become the organized voice of social media era. Instant social democracy has arrived.

Are there rules on this site?
Please check the rules section. Also read the terms of service and privacy policy.

How does the debate submission process work?
Debates submissions are reviewed by moderators or programs to ensure a great user experience on Quibl.com. The debates submissions are required to follow certain guidelines. Debates not respecting these rules will either be rejected or edited. Power-users with good standing will be able to post debate without approval.

How can I find debates?
There are 3 ways to find debates:
  • By using the search.
  • By browsing the categories you are interested in and sorting the debate with our filters.
  • By using the map and visiting the regions that are interesting to you.

What if the debate I want to talk about does not exist?
Well, it’s super simple to create it. It takes about 1 minute and you will get tons of points for creating a popular debate.

I want to edit my debate? How can I do it?
You can do it before it is approved by a moderator or, if approved automatically, within certain time after your initial submission. After that, you can contact us at feedback@quibl.com to demand a change or report the correction needed.

What are arguments?
An argument is a post within a debate. It is either an external link or a short text to provide convincing or relevant elements on the topic. External links can range from a clever tweet, to an image passing by a blog post or a New York Times article. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand word or a friend's post is actually worthy of hitting the frontpage. Arguments have to be one one side. People can comment an argument. Just click the comment link to see what people have to say.

What are supporters and why is it important?
You can officially take a side by using your social network. To do so, hit the share button using the social media you prefer. By doing so, the supporter count will increase and you will help your cause by spreading the word and attracting newcomers to your cause.

We think that tweeting your stance on a matter is a great way to increase awareness and force change. Supporters have a big influence on a debate overall score. So this should be used as much as possible to win the pie chart.

What is argument weight?
Argument weight is an algorithm that take into account the total number of vote on one side of the debate. It also take into account what happens behind those arguments in the comment section.

We think argument weight provides a more rational score than just people's stance.

What is Overall Support?
Overall support is calculated with a special algorithm to show all the aspects of the debate, from the argument and comments passing by the supporters count. This is what you see when browsing debates.

What is reputation and how can I get it?
Reputation is given when your content gets voted. You can gain reputation either by creating debates that are popular or posting arguments or comments that gets voted up. Supporting a debate also give you reputation. Check the leaderboard in a debate or on the site to see how you are doing.

Getting reported may hurt your reputation but to a far lesser extent.

How does the reporting system works
If you consider a debate, an argument, an image or a comment on Quibl.com to be inappropriate Please help us by reporting it using the report link next to the element. Moderators will quickly review the most reported issues and make the necessary corrections if needed. Example of content to report: Spams, posts with racist, sexist or vulgar content, inappropriate images, etc.

How many levels of users is there?

There are three levels of users. Users, Power-users and Moderators.

How can I become a power-user?
Keep posting great stuff and contributing to this awesome community and you'll be eventually promoted. We will consider you reputation and the number of reports you have received.

I lost my power-user privileges? What happened?
When too many items you submit are reported compared to your total reputation, you may be demoted from your power-user status.

It says I can't login because I am temporarily banned? Why?
In some extreme cases, users can be temporarily or permanently banned when excessive report counts are filed or Terms of Service are not respected.

How does debate sorting works?
Most active debates will be shown to you on the site frontpage. You can apply a day, week, month, year or all-time filter. By selecting day, the most active debates in the last 24hrs will be shown to you first.

How does argument sorting works?
In order to allow you to find new content more easily. We offer a argument sorting method. Argument scores will decay based on their age and on the filter selected. All arguments will be shown but argument that are more recent will have a clear advantage to be shown and found.

The formula used a based on exponential decay with some in-house tweaking.

Can I use an alias or a nickname?
With a Quibl account, you can use whatever name you want as long as you don’t violate the TOS and rules.