Internet Tax: For or Against?


Worst move to do !

4abelg 4 years ago

It is a tried and true fact that the taxing of any activity leads to a decrease in that activity. Still relatively new, there are those whose only reason for purchasing online is the savings of the sales tax they would have spent at a local store. Others shop online because what they order isn't available locally. Still others just don't want to fight the crowds and choose to order online out of convenience. Just as the states of New York and California learned the hard way as they added one more increase to the taxes of the wealthiest residents to meet a budget shortfall, the exodus of the wealthy out of these states not only caused the collected taxes to decrease, the decrease was so sharp that the states aren't even collecting what they were before they decided to increase the taxes. Taxing an activity leads to a decrease in the activity taxed. Economically speaking, if there are people spending money online, $200 billion dollars worth, let them.

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Submitted by 7SirPaul 4 years ago

There are several flaws in your approach.

First-of-all, there is a need for taxes. The government needs money for regulations, projects, research, education, etc. Imposing a certain level of taxation is fine.

Then, there is an unfair advantage to stores compared to online retailers.