Keystone XL Pipeline: For or Against?


Benefits are clear! 20 billions of economic benefits and up to 130000 jobs

7Alcatraz 4 years ago

The $7-billion project would create 13,000 jobs, would spur a further 118,000 “spinoff jobs” and would “inject into the U.S. economy” $20-billion.

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Submitted by 7SirPaul 4 years ago

What? Where are these numbers coming from. It's difficult to find good projections for economic benefits and job creation but this is WAY too optimistic.

Jobs, in person-years, U.S.:42,037 (State Department, full and part-time); 13,000 direct plus 118,000 spinoff (study done for TransCanada); 33,000 to 44,000 but “may actually destroy more jobs than it generates ... through rising fuel costs, spill damage and clean-up operations, air pollution and increased GHG emissions.” (Cornell University, total employment)
Salaries, U.S.: just over $2-billion (State Department)
Construction cost, U.S.: $3.3-billion (State Department)
U.S. oil movement: 250,000 barrels a day (TransCanada)