Are the wealthiest paying enough taxes?


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Submitted by 1willywallace 4 years ago

I think it is ironic, a staunch republican proposed this idea. No way would Nancy Pelosi or John Kerry proposed giving up 15% of their net worth. This is why elite liberals propose higher INCOME TAX. Most wealthy individuals receive very LITTLE income. They generate their wealth thru investments. Which is why it is disingenuous for very wealthy people to propose raising income taxes, because it has no effect on their personal well being. But still I applaud Trump for having the "substance" to address the issue, versus wealthy liberals who simply say to raise income tax, which is more a symbolic act, since it will have no real effect on their well being.

Submitted by 6JimiHendrix 4 years ago

Mind = Blown! They should have done it. They should do it now!